Features of Smart Connection Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

Smart TV has become very popular topic in the world of

TV entertainment. But what is Smart TV really?

TOSHIBA thinks Smart TV is not about internet connection,

but about friendliness and convenience, just as you are smart

so you would be friendly to others, or think about convenience

for others. How quickly you can reach your desired contents.

How easily you can manage your access to internet world.

“Quick and Easy” is our definition of Smart TV, to be friendly,

to be convenient, and to be right by your side.













Home Launcher


Home Launcher is truly a home for “quick and easy” access to internet world with TOSHIBA TV.

You sit on a coach, turn on TV, press Home Launcher button on remote controller, and you are a step away from your favourite parts of internet already. YouTube, Websites, Apps, you can access completely stress-free. The world of internet is not far from TV. It is right by your side.
















Let’s jump right into your favourite places on the internet!

We have prepared a quick link area on Home Launcher. Once you take easy steps to register your desired website as “Favorite” link, all you have to do is open the Home launcher and click the icon of the website.
When we pursue “Smart-ness”, things get quicker and easier.















The variety of Apps are available on TV with TOSHIBA for your convenience.

Just as mobile phone or desktop PC, but in this case, on big TV monitor! It is made possible by Cloud-based platform thus the contents are always up-to-date.
It goes without saying you can add your favourite Apps as “My Apps” on the Home Launcher for quicker access.
Feel that your life becomes more convenient in every corner of your life with Pro Theatre.















Full and wireless enjoyment of Smart Phone contents on TV.

Since Pro Theatre L56 series support mirroring function, the TV can quickly and easily connect with your Smart Phone / Tablet to display the contents.
Limited excitement of Smart Phone / Tablet with smaller display is now liberated dynamically on big TV monitor.

*this function is limited to L56 series and mobile device with Android operation system.















In the end, all you need is a one push to reach key internet contents.

TOSHIBA has lined up accesses to Web browser, YouTube interface, App store, and Screen mirroring on remote controller in a form of “one-push button”. Just like you can zap through the TV channels quickly and easily, you will be able to make access to these Smart parts of TV very quickly and easily.












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