About Pro Theatre Beside you every moment.

Pro Theatre

When you feel like changing a mood,

you would turn on TV.

You will find yourself smiling,

happy and encouraged as you watch TV.

You will find yourself sharing your emotion with friends, 

with family and even with the entire universe to become 

as one in the end. TV is, indeed, the best entertainment 

available right by your side. TV is, not just an another 

thing in your life, but always the one that reflects 

your emotion, and the one that lives along 

with you for that very reason.

With the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship,

We are made to maximize all your emotions


“in any available conditions”

“as you wish”

“without a thread of compromise”.

We are destined to walk along with your life 

for ever and ever.

We are determined to deliver the best entertainment 

in the world,

for ultimate excitement, happiness and joy.

We have always been right by your side, 

and we always will be.

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