Features for Picture Quality Essences for the ultimate TV entertainment


What does it mean to “maximize your emotions”?
Why are you moved by what you see in the TV monitor?
These are the propositions that TOSHIBA challenges, day and night, to deliver the best TV entertainment.

It is easy to say “we deliver the best picture quality (PQ)”. Yet, as we explore deep down this picture quality, we find that it is not just one element, but the perfection of core essences that maximizes and moves our emotions just as perfection of Japanese graphic pattern touches our sense of beauty.

What brings this perfection in the world of TV entertainment, we call it “Essential PQ Technology”.
Balance in vividness, brightness, contrast and color, plus control of motion, setting and details —-. These are the essences that are fundamental for “Essential PQ Technology”. Technology does not control us, we are the ones to create the technology to be right by your side.





Super high performance engine to reproduce TV images.

The most colorful images essentially maximizes your emotions. Every moment, CEVO Engine analyses and adjusts the picture quality of contents, and reproduces the TV images in more details and depth.
You will watch the contents as real as possible for real visual entertainment.



BrightOn Algorithm


Superb algorithm to enhance brightness.

By this essence, TV is enabled to realize wide range of expressions of brightness.
Brightness of sunrise, texture of fruits, everything will look perfect when it shines “properly”.
Finding appropriate brightness is essential for true picture quality.











Contrast Booster


Accurate picture contrast to show things as real.

This essence emphasizes and maximizes the depth of picture color.
As a result, any objects you watch on TV, you feel like they are there for real.












Crisp and clear images of fast-moving action sequence.

When you watch fast-moving scenes, usually the picture becomes blur. AMR+’s complex algorithm helps to reduce it to capture every moment. You will not miss every details of sports or dynamic scenes.










Picture Optimizer


Best picture setting is different by contents.

TOSHIBA prepared 5 different picture settings to deliver best suited images depending on contents.
By one push on remote controller.










Football Mode


Best picture setting is different by contents.

You can turn to ‘Football Mode’ which
you will find the quality of picture as real as you are watching the game live in the stadium.










Auto View


Best picture quality in any condition.

When you watch TV with or without light, it will look differently. This feature automatically recognizes surrounding lighting level, and applies adjust the TV’s backlight setting accordingly.
You will always watch TV in the best picture quality without stressing your eyes.











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